Mobile monitoring systems

digital recording devices

Mobile monitoring system developed by SiMS is designed for installation in vehicles. It increases passenger, driver and vehicle safety. Mobile monitoring system fulfils its task both inside and outside the vehicle. It is a very simple and innovative solution.

Mobilny System Monitoringu
Recording and replaying
  • Recording of video files depending on the set time of recording or size of a single file
  • Recording modes: normal, alarm, motion detection and their possible combinations
  • Pre-record and post-record modes for recordings in alarm and motion detection modes
  • Searching and replaying recordings based on the video channel number, type of recording, beginning of recording, end of recording, vehicle side number, GPS position
  • Replaying recordings with various speeds, time-lapse rewinding, time-lapse video
Local monitoring
  • Division of footage to 1/4/8/9/16 during live preview and replaying of recordings
  • Configurable mode of displaying images from single (sequential) camera, split view mode
  • Motion detection, camera blinding, loss of video signal in connection with alarm functions
  • Configuration of the zone for motion detection, camera blinding
Hard drive management
  • Operation between 1 and 4 hard drives (depending on the version of the recording device)
  • Support of S.M.A.R.T. technology
  • Putting hard drives into sleep mode

Image from video cameras is recorded on the hard drive adjusted to recording device. Footage can be viewed in real time in the vehicle or replayed from the recording device in the dispatch center. The monitoring system offered by our company is a perfect solution for both big carriers and small transport companies. It can be used at the broad automotive market, including public transport, driving lessons, special services, rescue services, etc.

Alarms and exclusions
  • Management of alarm inputs and outputs
  • Management of alarms triggered by motion detection, camera blinding, loss of signal from the camera
  • Configuration of response times of digital inputs/outputs
  • Automatic restart of the device in case of problems related to its functioning
  • Alarm button function (after pressing the button, the recording device records special footage at a defined time and after occurrence of an event in a separate file, protected against deletion
Network functions
  • Support for 3G technology
  • Possibility of building in WiFi interface
  • Remote configuration of parameters
  • Remote data search, replaying, uploading of recorded files
  • Remote access to equipment configuration
  • Remote access to information regarding the condition of recording device, system logs, status of emergency entries
  • Remote updating of software, disk formatting, restarting the recording device
Equipment functions
  • Digital signing of recordings, making possible verification of their authenticity
  • Continuation of recording after turning off ignition for a specific time
  • Possibility of connecting GPS receiver with antenna
  • Preservation of defined captions in recorded image
  • Connection of button (buttons), entry signals (door opening, turning on the reverse run, turning on internal lighting, etc.)
  • Performing, based on an analysis of attached entry signals, of operations switching images from individual cameras, displaying image in the QUAD mode
  • Controlling outside equipment and signaling devices through digital outputs
  • Signaling with the use of light and sound signals of the status of work of recording device and possible errors, using digital outputs and outside signaling devices
  • Possibility of using general use digital inputs for the purposes not related to the work of monitoring
  • Possibility of replaying on the recording device recorded footage without the necessity of stopping recording
  • Copying of data on a data storage device connected to USB
  • Remote downloading of recordings via WiFi or GSM
  • Multi-storied access mode to functionality of device protected with passwords
  • Record of logs with information about operation of equipment
  • Import and export of configuration data to a file

Mobile Monitoring System Products


digital recorder

es-NVR 1500
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digital recorder

es-NVR 2000
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digital recorder

es-NVR 3000
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Line Information Controller

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